Our research driven insights enable radical new products and services, create disruptive business models, prevent losses from bad ideas, and focus investment and development efforts.

Bringing predictable success to product innovation


  • Products fail. The largest cause of failure is building products that nobody wants to buy.
  • Companies are unable to truly innovate and create radical new products and services.
  • Teams cannot find or agree on the right features to build into their products.
  • Marketing struggles to improve customer acquisition, retention, and monetization.


We created the Product Success® framework to empower entrepreneurs and business leaders dissatisfied with their current product performance and innovation efforts; who want to create predictably successful new products and services.

We wish to revolutionize the way products are built today.

The Product Success® design process uncovers what customers really want, and most importantly, why they want it. This is the customer's Job to be done or JTBD. Specific actionable insights not only help build and market game-changing, profitable, disruptive innovations, but also save millions of dollars that would be lost on failed ideas and unnecessary features.

Customer JTBD Drives Strategy Customer JTBD Drives Strategy

Professional Profile

20 years experience in creating technology solutions and understanding users. Experience working as a consultant, in small companies, startups, and large enterprises. I’ve a PhD in Distributed Computing from Waseda University, Tokyo and an MBA from McGill University, Montreal.

Product Leadership

Led and managed multiple product teams, acting as principal product owner and innovation strategist. Served as first member of several teams, recruiting, managing, and establishing team practices, processes, and structure.

Thought Leadership

Established the Product Success® Framework after experiencing both highs and lows of product management and innovation strategy. I approach every project with an integrated and unique perspective, and by asking (lots of) tough questions.

Speaking and Workshops

  • December 2018 - Using AWS to Turbocharge IoT Projects
  • November 2018 - Advanced IoT in Retail Industry
  • October 2018 - Open Source and Open Collaboration for IoT
  • September 2018 - Innovating IoT with Design Thinking
  • Keynote IT Connect June 2018 - Principles of Success in IoT
  • June 2018 - Connected Product Hands-on IoT Workshop
  • May 2018 - Jobs to be Done and Human Centred Design
  • April 2018 - Developing Wearable Products
  • February 2018 - Smart Cities and IoT
  • November 2017 - Innovating Blockchain for IoT
  • June 2017 - Motion Sensing for IoT and Wearables
  • May 2017 - Innovation for Powering the IoT
  • Apr 2017 - Security Considerations for the IoT

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